We are always looking for new faces to join us, and familiar faces to return! Keep updated on the survey dates by checking this website, and please feel free to contact us whenever you have a question, an interesting bird sighting, or any other concerns for the project.

What You Do

Volunteering for this project primarily consists of participating in field surveys as often as you can. Our surveys typically start at 9:00 am and we meet at the Agate Beach Parking Lot to carpool to a closer location. We walk several miles, so we highly recommend you wear comfortable shoes, bring water and a snack if you’d like, and dress for the weather. The surveys take around three hours, with some additional time for traveling.

Surveys will not happen if the wind is strong and the waves are cresting, because we will not be able to see the birds.

Join us!

Please use the form below to contact either the head of the project (Joe Behnke) or the director of Kwiaht (Russel Barsh) if you have any questions or comments pertaining to this project or Kwiaht’s other projects in the San Juan Islands. See the contact page for more details.

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