November 15th Seabirds

By Joe Behnke. Filed in Bird surveys  |   

The sea today off Iceberg was choppy and blue. The waters were littered with logs spit out from flooded rivers. A steller sea lion cruised through the debris thinking he saw a friend, but again it turned out to be wood. The tide was high, covering many of the rocks where gulls, turnstones and oystercatchers are often found. Close to shore, glaucous-winged gulls drifted in the blustery air, a lone harlequin duck worked the kelp, and a pair of brandt’s cormorants, a red-necked grebe and a marbled murrelet dove. A group of 12 black oystercatchers whistled their way down the coast. Further out, small groups of pacific loons, surf scoters, and common murres went by. Mew gulls were the other gull species spotted; Heermann’s gulls were absent.

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