March Seabird Report

By Joe Behnke. Filed in Bird surveys  |   

I conducted 3 surveys at Iceberg Point over the month. Common loons were still around, but Pacific loon sightings decreased almost to none over the month. I observed hundreds of Pacific loons congregated in Cattle Pass in mid February. Possibly that was a pre-migration get together. I witnessed a few other massive congregations from Iceberg this month. On March 20th I counted about 50 marbled murrelets between Davis Head and Richardson. Last year, I observed the same phenomenon in early April. Also on March 20th, there were 100’s of horned grebes congregated off Davis Head. On April 3rd, I counted dozens of brants foraging in a tiderip off Iceberg. Bald eagles were acting crazy too—pairs doing aerial grappling and acrobatics. A peregrine falcon was sitting on a cliff perch on March 20th.

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