January Seabird Report

By Joe Behnke. Filed in Bird surveys  |   

The waters off Iceberg Point were similar in bird species and abundance to San Juan Channel–except there were more alcids spotted.  Still, alcids were few and far between compared to other times of year: a common murre darting across the waves far out, a pair of marbled murrelets here and there, a flock of ancient murrelets speeding along through the air and then suddenly plunging into a coordinated underwater pursuit.  The group of winter white horned grebes that often ply the kelpy zone were absent; only harlequin ducks and a few pelagic cormorants and red-breasted mergansers worked these waters. From the northeastern most end, looking toward Richardson and Agate Beach, large numbers of surf scoters enjoyed this sheltered side along with common loons, common goldeneyes, buffleheads, and horned grebes.

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