April Seabird Report

By Joe Behnke. Filed in Bird surveys  |   

At Iceberg, pelagic cormorant and glaucous-winged gull activity increased in April. Looking to nearby Hall Island, I could see why as it was speckled with hundreds of nesting glaucous-winged gulls and pelagic cormorants. A few rhinoceros auklets dove close to the cliffs, but hundreds could be seen far off toward Richardson and Davis Head. Pigeon guillemots were seen from most observation points, as were red-breasted mergansers. Other sightings during a late April survey included harlequin ducks, a marbled murrelet, 2 Pacific loons, and 2 horned grebes. If you go out to Iceberg, keep your eyes open for tufted puffins—last year we started to see them in May.

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