The Iceberg Point Project was initiated in the spring of 2011 to develop a scientific framework within which to study marine bird abundance in the nearshore coastal waters of the south end of Lopez. The project is organized by Kwiaht scientists and maintained by community interest and volunteer participation in survey work. The survey is conducted exclusively on Bureau of Land Management property with their collaboration and permission.

The marine bird abundance survey and the future breeding bird survey (done by boat) will, over time, provide us with regular, seasonal, and multi-year data with which to examine species composition (what’s there), population trends, migration timing, foraging habits, and breeding success. This will provide baseline data that will allow us to determine increasing or declining population trends and possible sources of disturbance. As the volunteer framework develops, we may also be able to develop more companion surveys to examine other aspects of the Iceberg Point biodiversity, both in the water and on land.